About Sonority Design Ltd

This entire project started out with the single aim of maximising the sound of our aging Hi-Fi & the rack on which it sat. What we have ended up with is here for yo u to peruse. Many, many hundreds of hours have been spent doing one thing: LISTENING. We have used the single most important piece of equipment we could find in the quest for our ultimate goal of extracting more music from the system: OUR EARS. Also, for good measure, several other pairs of ears have been borrowed for use in the process.

They all had the same news: THIS WORKS.

Absolutely no ‘scientific’ measurements have, as of yet been taken on any of the items you see here (to the best of our knowledge). Every item is manufactured entirely in the UK from materials purchased within the UK. Some of the tolerances used are somewhat extreme, (measurements to 5 millionths of an inch); other tolerances are a little higher! Everything is made to the highest standards achievable, using custom manufactured items, again made in the UK by highly skilled engineers.

So what have we found?
After researching Hi-Fi components currently for sale, we realized that we wanted something that was, at the time, unavailable. So the experiments began.

MDF shelves, glass shelves, laminate shelves, metal shelves. All were made or purchased in various grades and thickness. Then we needed something on which to sit them. The decision was made to try various ‘ball-bearing isolators’. More searching produced many forms of ball bearings in various diameters, and some equally amusing prices.

We then needed something in which the bearings could sit and roll.
More materials were tried, wood, laminate, steel, various grades of aluminium; until we decided upon the highest grade of billet aluminium. This is then precision-turned & anodised.

The discovery was then made that many, if not most, pieces of kit actually sound far better by not actually sitting on the feet that they have attached to them. So another way of supporting them needed to be found.

The Results
The results were, to be polite, not exactly pretty. While form usually follows function, it does not always make something look good, despite making it sound, well, different! So it was back to the drawing board, knowing exactly what was achievable with making units sound better, all we had to do now was make it look acceptable in location.

What you see on this site is the result of all that work & experimentation. Absolutely nothing that you see here is superfluous. It all has a function, and has been designed to work in co-ordination with all the other units. Some work well on their own, others need to be used in conjunction with other parts to work at their optimum.

We can make custom designed and sized units. If these are required, please contact your dealer who will pass on the information required to us. We are also available to talk to you on the telephone or by email. All of the products need to reach you exactly as they leave the factory. This means custom designed packaging and inserts that fully protect the product during storage and transport. We have designed both inner & outer shipping cartons to achieve just this.