What can I expect from a Sonority Design product?

You should not be able to buy one of our products without first listening (or seeing!) what it can actually do for your particular needs.

We insist that our dealers show you the product, and that you listen to it, in a proper demonstration. Most dealers have demonstration units that customers can take home and listen to in their own environment. (This facility is entirely at the discretion of the dealer and a deposit may be requested).

After extensive listening we found the following:
The system hierarchy that we have, to date, works in the following way:

The source component (cd / vinyl / DVD etc) gives the most dramatic upgrade in quality. This is closely followed by the pre-amp (if used), power amp (or integrated) and finally the power supplies (if used).

The sound:
Well this could be subjective, but in general terms we have found the following seems to happen on equipment sited on Sonority products:
The first thing that everyone seems to say is …

What has happened to the bass? That’s amazing.’ The whole system seems to be able to play lower, reproduce more bass in a more controlled manner, and bass lines are more easily followed.

That is closely followed by… “There seems to be more of everything.” More detail, more soundstage, more focus. Then it is noticed that the treble has become far more detailed, is much cleaner and clearer in its presentation.
Next it is realised that things are appearing in the music that have never been heard from this kit before. It is resolving more detail. Noise is reduced drastically. Music seems to come from a now inky blackness.

This is a fun one….
The music seems to be louder for a given setting on the volume dial. Indeed, one of our favourite demonstrations is to have a cd player sitting on a desk, then simply pick it up and put it down on a shelf sat right next to it. It instantly sounds louder in most instances!

You will notice that you will have an increased range on the volume dial that you can now use. Your amp is now reproducing a far cleaner signal so it can work so much better, not having to reproduce distortion as well.

On one particular set of equipment we found that the volume dial could now be used from practically zero to nearly ‘two o’clock’ on clean recordings, whereas before it never really worked much before setting 2 and ran out of steam by 10 o’clock on the dial. Not a bad improvement in the use of the
dial and volume range.

The effect on the pre-amps we have tried is very similar to the above, but reduced in sheer quantity.

This is followed by the power amp, again as above, but again, to a lesser degree.

Finally power supplies:
A subtle but worthwhile increase in quality, but also decrease in mechanical noise output, especially if you suffer from transformer hum. We have found this is usually drastically reduced; in some cases to an amount where it is no longer heard most of the time.

I guess what we are trying to convey here is the removal of layers of noise, and the portrayal of more of your music.

An important thing to note here is that while all of the above are real improvements, the overall tonality of the equipment used is not altered at all. If you like a set of components because of the way they produce music for you, you should still like it after sitting it on Sonority products, as the overall tone will not be altered. Its sonority is maintained.

DVD players:
This was a real surprise. Exactly the same thing happens as to cd players, but to date, even more so, especially in surround sound! The effect is not subtle. It has been apparent immediately. Want to hear just how low your subwoofer can actually go? Cleanly? Music DVDs become far more enjoyable to watch and listen to.

We have also seen an improvement in picture quality on some sets, with a decrease in grain and an improvement in overall picture quality, better colours and focus. This is obviously far from universal, as so many other factors come into play here.

Finally, something that we really did not expect.

We had wondered - what would speakers sound like on rollers?
The idea sounds daft in the extreme - doesn’t it?

To some it obviously didn’t, and with people like George Johnson (ex orchestral musician) & Nigel Finn from The Chord Co actively pushing to hear what a set could do, we decided to proceed with development. A set was made that would sit on existing stands and a complete set of stands was made.

The results stunned us. We hope you will find the same.

Please, do not just think the idea doesn’t warrant your attention. If you seriously like your music, (and your speakers!) you have to hear what a set of these can achieve.

Because of these we have totally re-evaluated our ‘system hierarchy’. 

You may well do the same.

We have Three versions available...  
• Roller Shelves for existing stands
• Roller shelves for floorstanders (both solid and suspended wooden floors)
• Full speaker stands custom made to your specification.