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Floor Standing Speaker Roller Shelf

You have existing floorstanders, but want to hear how they can really perform?

Set these up on the floor, place your speakers on them -(carefully) and hear the difference at once.

Each pair starts out life as some 52 or more individual parts, depending on specification.

Yes, we know that they appear to fly directly into the face of conventional wisdom – we found it difficult to accept what they did to the sound first time round.

This is one product that simply HAS to be auditioned as trying to put it into words simply wont do.

You may well decide on altering your system hierarchy after hearing your speakers on these – we certainly have. Whilst we still believe in a great source, and the rest of the system needs to be looked at in a more ‘balanced’ way, speakers come next in our list, followed by pre-amp then power-amp.

We do not wish to say more than this here as it is imperative that you form your own opinion with your own ears, listening to your system – but we are certain that these will have a very big impact on your system.

We are happy to make them to virtually any size you wish (within reason).  As standard they come with ‘anti tip’ feet to the rear. We can also add anti tip devices & movement limiters between the platforms for those that feel the need for them ( if you have pets or a young family, or indeed if you just feel more secure with them)

Note  - Wooden floor?

Unsure about just how hard you need to push those wickedly sharp spikes in the base of your speakers into the floorboards? You are looking to ‘couple’ the stand to the floor, not join it like hammering in a nail!

Why not do away with that worry once & for all...

Get a pair of our speaker stand floor mounts.

Screw IT to the floor with the 3 countersunk screw holes. (Being very, very carefull about the length of screws used as we dont want to go through the floorboards and pierce any pipes or wires running underneath!) This will act as a direct path ‘to earth’ for any un-wanted vibrations. Put your speakers on top of mounts. If you want to make absolutely certain that they wont move, press gently on the spikes  - hard enough to mark the laminate. Remove the stand, then with a 2 or 3mm drill bit, drill a hole 1mm deep or there about where each spike will sit. (This could well be done for you by your dealer if so required).

Please Note – You would ONLY screw these into place when you are ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN that your speakers are in the correct position for you in the room. Again this is an area where your dealer may prove to be invaluable.

Replace the speakers, level as usual, and you can now be certain that the spikes will couple correctly, yet should not be able to ‘join’ the laminate as it is so hard.

We can make these to any size you want – see seperate photo & description.

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