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Use of a Sonority Design Isolation Platform with a Linn Sondek LP12

I have had an isolation platform under my Linn now for many weeks. I allowed plenty of time before making comments so as to have time to listen to the many styles of music I enjoy before committing myself.

I needn’t have waited. I heard the difference as soon as the platform was in place. Effects have not changed.

I listen mostly to heavy rock (Zeppelin, Deep Purple), heavy blues (Gary Moore), intricacies like Pink Floyd right through to Paul Simon and Motown.

The Linn handled all this very well from the outset, even when running in a new stylus. However, with the Sonority product it certainly moved up a gear.

The music has become more natural; instruments are in proportion, as recorded and intended to be heard. Backing vocals or instrumentation are there, clear and uninhibited, not hazy and vague, but in the background here they should be. The lead vocal and guitar is prominent but not drowning out the background.

I have truly heard snippets of music that I am not sure I have heard before! Original Beatles recording give any electronic kit a run for its money; they are not the most ingenious of recordings. However, I am hearing explicit harmonies with such sweet tone, I am amazed at what is actually there in the grooves.Well done Sonority Design. Full marks. You will be recommended far and wide.